·      Arrive 60 minutes before the first starting time.

·      Get the “closest to the pin” (CTP) signs from the Pro Shop.

·      Gather some scorecards and pencils from the pro shop so they are handy for golfers to fill them in before play. 

·      Two pairing sheets and a Checkout Out sheet will be provided by the Scheduler who will also arrive around 60 minutes before the first starting time.  Use one pairing sheet as a master sign-in sheet; golfers can refer to the other if they want to prepare scorecards.

·      The Scheduler will also provide the list of golfers that owe “No Show” money. Collect the money and place in the back of the blue check folder behind the checks. The Treasurer will bring the blue check folder.

·      Give the CTP signs to someone in the first group.

·      Create a move-up list on the master list if applicable.

·      Identify new no-shows on the master list.

·      Prior to your tee off place leave your master list and the Checkout sheet on the table for the Scheduler. Also leave the blue check folder for the Treasurer.

·      If you are playing, retrieve the CTP markers as you pass those par three holes.

·      Return the CTP markers to the Pro Shop.

·      Write the names of the CTP winners on a blank scorecard.

·      A self-addressed, stamped envelope will be provided for

(a) Completed scorecards (with pin placement section removed to save postage) and the

(b) The CTP scorecard.  

·      Mail the envelope as soon as possible.

·      If you will not be playing, recruit someone in the final group to pick up and return the CTP markers.  They should mark the blank scorecard with CTP winners and deal with the scorecard envelope.

·      Finally, advise Sir146golf what start time you would like the following week.




June 26, 2018