If you wish to print the Call and you have a black and white printer, you simply click on the “print” icon.

If you have a color printer and you wish to print in color you simply click on the “print” icon. 

If you have a color printer and you prefer to print in black and white, follow these steps.

1- Click on the print icon

2- A dialog box will appear.  In the upper portion of this box on the right hand side you will see a box that says "properties". Click on that box.

3-Another dialog box will appear.  You will see 5 tabs.  The last tab says “color”—click on that tab

4-In the lower left you will see “print in grayscale” with a small box next to it.  Click inside the box or circle.  Now click on “ok” and the box will disappear.  Click on “ok” in the box that remains.

5-When finished printing, if you wish to return to color printing you will need to repeat the process and remove the checkmark from the “print in grayscale” box.



1- Once you have accessed the newsletter, scroll to the page and then click on the page you want to print.

2-Click on the printer icon that is on the left of the toolbar.  A dialog box will appear.  On the left of the box you will see a heading that says  “Print Range

3-Click on the circle next to “current page” and then click on “ok” at the bottom of the box.  The page will print.