Branch 146 Regulations

Amended 09-08-16 – Changes shown in “Red”


B. R. 5
New members will wear different color badges for six months.  The badge color will be yellow.
(Amended 07-14-08)

B. R. 6
Following Standing Rule 100.b., and consistent with Branch 146 having excluded Ladies Day luncheons from the requirement to attend, members must attend 5 out of the 10 regular luncheons in a 12 consecutive month period.
Amended 03-11-10)

B. R. 7
Beginning January 1, 2000, inactive members will be notified after 1 year that they have 1 more year of inactive status.  If they do not become active they will be dropped from the roster at the end of that period.
(Amended 08-12-99)

B. R. 11  
An approved badge will be provided to all members.
(Amended 01-08-09)
(Formerly B. R. 43 in the “Administrative” Section; moved 03-11-10)


B. R. 20
Executive Committee meetings will be held monthly.  On the days of “regular” luncheons, the meeting will be held prior to the luncheon.  In the months of May and December (months in which Ladies Day Luncheons are held), the BEC meeting will be held at the discretion of and at a date and time to be determined by the Big Sir.  
(Amended 11-10-11)

B. R. 22
Branch 146 luncheon meeting is held the second Thursday of the month unless a change is required due to a scheduling conflict beyond Branch control at the preferred luncheon venue.
(Amended 11-13-14)

B. R. 23
Gift certificates valued at $25; or framed Certificates of Appreciation are to be presented to guest speakers.
(Amended 04-14-11)

B. R. 24
May and December luncheons are designated as Ladies Days each year.
(Amended 10-13-94)

B. R. 25
When 30 or more birthdays occur in the same month, two free lunches will be awarded for that month.
(Amended 01-12-06)

B. R. 26
SIR members who participate in BEC approved Branch 146 activities that occur on a regular luncheon date will be given credit for luncheon attendance.
(Amended 03-11-10)

B. R. 27
Each member will be assessed an annual amount (dues). The amount of the dues will be determined once the budget for the next year is approved.  These dues will be collected in advance of the year to which they apply during the period October through December.  A new member joining the Branch during the period January through June will be assessed the full annual amount for that year.  A new member joining the branch in July through October will be assessed approximately one-half of the annual amount for that year.  Anyone joining in November or December will not be assessed for that year. 

A member failing to pay the required assessment by year-end will, upon approval of the BEC, be sent a letter or e-mail regarding his membership status and his right for a hearing before the BEC. The BEC at a subsequent meeting may take further action concerning his membership status, such as delaying the dues payment, terminating the member by a 2/3 affirmative vote, or other appropriate action.
(Amended 04-08-10; Amended 11-10-11; Amended 09-12-13) 

B. R. 29
Members who miss a luncheon without notifying the attendance chairman by the deadline of 12 noon on Friday of the week prior to the Thursday luncheon, or who do not show when they have not given any indication they will not attend, will be sent a letter or e-mail requesting payment in the amount of the cost of that meal for which the Branch was required to pay.  The BEC (i.e., specifically the Big Sir, Little Sir, and Treasurer, with the assistance of the Attendance/Luncheon Chair) is open to hearing an appeal from the involved member for waiver of that charge where extenuating circumstances are thought to exist. Refusal to pay for two or more of these missed luncheons may subject the non-conforming member to Termination, Expulsion, or Suspension under Article 9 of the State SIR Manual.   
(Amended 08-13-98; Amended 11-10-11)

B. R. 30 
Attendance at Branch meetings or activities shall not exceed the rated safety maximum of the facility.
(Amended 01-08-09)

B. R. 31
A parking place will be reserved for each month’s speaker.  
(Amended 03-08-01)


B. R. 40
The outgoing Big Sir will be presented with a plaque and Past Big Sir Pin.
(Amended 08-10-00)

B. R. 42
Past Big Sir recognition will be done once each year.
(Amended 06-10-93)

B. R. 44
Branch 146 was officially chartered on December 19, 1989.  The BEC will determine when and how to celebrate our Charter Day anniversary date each year.
(Amended 03-11-10)

B. R. 45
Listing activities in the Newsletter satisfy the requirement of Executive Committee approval.
(Amended 11-12-98)

B. R. 46
A Program Committee, chaired by the Little Sir, will be established. This committee will be responsible for planning and executing the luncheon speaker programs. Committee members will be selected based on their interest, experience and relevant connections. The Little Sir will provide all speakers and entertainers with an excerpt of State Standing Rule 13 and a written request to avoid sexual humor or innuendo and request that they comply with those guidelines.

B. R. 47
Procedure for making changes in the Committee Chairmen listings that appear in both the Member Directory and the Branch Services and Committees Chairs and Branch Activities section of the Branch Website:  This subject conveniently divides itself into ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRS and BRANCH ACTIVITIES CHAIRS:

Changes with respect to the listing of the Administrative Committee Chairs should be directed to the Branch Secretary so that he is the first to become aware of a change in either the name of the Administrative Committee, the name of the chair, or the contact telephone number or e-mail address of the chair in question.  The Branch Secretary, in turn, will contact (1) the Membership Chair who is responsible for making the actual change in the Member Directory, and (2) the Webmaster to make the change happen in the Branch Services and Committees section of the website.

Changes in Branch Activities Chairs should be directed to the overall Activities Coordinator so that similar to changes referenced above, he is the first to become aware of a change in either the name of the activity, the name of the chair, or the contact telephone number or e-mail address of the chair in question.  The overall Activities Coordinator, in turn, will contact (1) the Membership Chair who is responsible for making the actual change in the Member Directory; and (2) the Webmaster to make the change happen in the Branch Activities section of the website.
(Amended 11-10-11)

B. R. 48
The BEC may delegate approval in the appointment of certain Committee Chairmen/Coordinators/Members, but shall retain sole authority to remove any appointment. (Approved 10-11-12)


B. R. 51
Branch 146 newsletter reporting and material is to be limited to news that directly affects the membership and the various committees and activity groups within the organization and that it not contain advertisements, publicity or public relations materials from outside organizations.
(Amended 6-9-94)

B. R. 53
Members, either active or inactive, will receive their newsletter electronically via the internet.  If a member does not have a computer, they will receive their newsletter via an assigned “buddy” who will print one out and deliver it to them either personally or by U. S. mail.  Finally, if a member has a computer, but prefers to receive a “hard copy” of the newsletter, they will need to subscribe to the newsletter and pay the actual cost annually, in advance, of producing it and having it mailed to them.  That amount will be revisited each year in the fall and the amount determined based upon the projected costs incurred.
(Amended 11-10-11)